Your online security is important to us. Keeping your personal data secure when using and the online customer portal is our first priority.

Our site is protected by industry standard SSL Secure Sites Certificates to ensure any data you share with us is secure across our entire site. Look for the padlock displayed at the top of the screen in your address bar, this indicates that you have a secure connection with us and you can rest assured that any information you supply is encrypted and cannot be read by anyone else. You can view details of our Secure Sites Certificate here.

We always comply with the latest security standards, including:


Our firewall prevents unauthorised external access to data in our systems.

Multi-level encryption and identification systems

These ensure unauthorised persons cannot enquire about your data, receive it or make it readable. When submitting personal data on the internet via our website, your data is encrypted by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This encryption is identifiable because an ‘s’ is added to the ‘http’ of the internet address.

Password protection

Your username and password are your virtual key for accessing the Raisin online customer portal. After 15 minutes of inactivity you will automatically be logged out of the portal; if you then wish to continue using the portal simply log back in again.

Transactions to the nominated account

When opening an account, you will provide a nominated bank account. Retransfer of funds can only be made to this account.

Secure personal mailbox

You can find your Raisin mailbox in the secure online customer portal. Your personal mailbox stores all electronic information you receive from Raisin. We will not send security-related information to your personal email address, only to your personal Raisin mailbox as this is entirely secure. This guarantees that only you have access, and that communication cannot be accessed by third parties, since messages to and from the mailbox are encrypted. You will receive an email to your personal email address when there are new messages in your Raisin mailbox.